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(-92)((Usa, Cdn)

(93-Options: M42 M43)(Carrera 2/4)

(93-Options: M419)(Carrera 2/4 Cabrio/Targa)

(93-Options: M419)(Carrera 2/4 Coupe)

(93-Options: M42 M43)(Coupe (Cdn)

(Options: M43)(Speedster)

(-92-Options: M403)(Turbo) - [No longer available new]

(-92-Options: M43 M419)(Turbo)

(93-Options: M43)(Turbo-Look (Cdn)

(93-Options: M43 M419)(Turbo-Look)

(93-Options: M46 M47)(Turbo)









(89)((Usa,(Cdn) - [No longer available new]


(9Options: M553)(, 479)

(91)(Carrera 2/4) - [No longer available new]

(92Options: M553)(Carrera 2/4)

(94)(Carrera 2)

(94)(Carrera 4)

(2 Suggested)


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